Who we are?

Cool & Handy

Cool and Handy store specializes in selling interior products for cars, which are distinctive and luxurious products to keep all your important personal belongings during the driving process, so that your focus is always on the road and enjoy a safe drive.


You are one step away from getting to know many of our products that you did not know you needed until now! In Cool and Handy options, you will find important interior accessories for the car


Cool & Handy store is registered with a commercial register and documented in Marouf No. 219951.

Who we are?

Cool & Handy

Our goal at Cool & Handy is to provide you with high quality and useful products, with a touch of luxury that you love and the sweetest you need. We start with Cool & Handy interior products for your car, whatever type of car you drive. A safe driving journey begins with a clean car, where everything you want to reach while driving is close by to protect ourselves and our loved ones. A clean car also represents its driver and his lifestyle.

Our vision

To become the first store specialized in selling luxury interior car products in Saudi Arabia.

Our mission

Providing the best service to our customers and maintaining our position in the field of electronic commerce


Our value

Continuous Improvement

Earn the trust of our customers

Honesty and honesty

Provide high quality products

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